Friday Flashbacks – Wasilla, Alaska (May 2011)

Hmm…I didn’t really travel anywhere four years ago this month.  I know, shocking.  Instead I stayed home and enjoyed family when I wasn’t on the slope working.

2011 was the year of the toddlers for me.  Some of the cutest kids in existence were just learning how to walk and sound out words.  Now you can’t get them to stop pukuking (getting into stuff) or piping up with a surprising comment.

Sorry he's not dressed

↳It was informal day? Or just sweltering

He is still obsessed with Woody, by the way.

And this one too.  So stinkin’ cute:



Another toddler in my life?  My brother:

His tank was getting cleaned

↳RIP Harold

This has to be one of my favourite photos.  Harold was a nice goldfish, he went through a lot in his long-ish life.  So someone trying to drink his water probably wasn’t as shocking as when someone shook his tank and pretended it was an EARTHQUAKEEEEE.  Or when various liquids other than water were poured in his bowl. He just kept swimming and gulping air.

I don’t remember what finally killed him (a blocked intestine?).  I dunno, I think we were in Hawai’i.  We had a nice service in the front garden once the ground thawed.

And no, it wasn’t in my brother’s care that Harold expired.

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