Friday Flashbacks – Positano, Italy (May 2014)

It’s been exactly a year since one of the most wonderful holidays I can remember started. It was my parents’ anniversary celebration, and they thought I was the only spawn tagging along. However, I managed to surprise them in Italy with not one but two family members!

After the initial shock, we made the trek from Fiumicino to our flat in a neighbourhood flanking the Vatican (two surburban trains and a twenty minute uphill walk with nearly ten pieces of luggage was NOT a leisurely undertaking). I vaguely remember going to a local diner, ordering food, and promptly passing out.

The next morning, I hustled everyone out the door before the break of dawn to catch a tour of Naples. Pretty sure everyone’s bleary-eyed stare was due to jet-lag and lack of sleep due to the time change. However, this lovely photo of my travelmates has no trace of exhaustion or even resentment towards my rigourous sightseeing schedule.

Look at those happy faces!

Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta

Positano was a magically little town full of colourful buildings, steep staircases from the top of the mountain to the beach, and plenty of opportunistic artisans peddling their wares to sleep-deprived touristas.  The perfect way to start off our two weeks in Italy.

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