Hello!  My name is Jordan and my main pastime is travel.


I currently live in Alaska and work in the finance sector.

I don’t have a grand origin story along the lines of “one day I woke up and quit my job…”


I still work, I still attend school.  I have a permanent address. What I do have, however, is a fly-in fly-out rotational employment arrangement.  That means I have half the year off.

I usually travel eight or nine times a year, depending on my schedule and desire.  I try to find the best deals, but I am mainly loyal to SkyTeam (read: I usually fly Delta).  Most of my holidays are solo travel, but sometimes I have the opportunity to travel with my family or friends.


I love history, architecture, electronics, reading, maps, photography, cinema, tea, food, new passport stamps, and conversation.

I dislike waiting, the warm side of the pillow, queue jumpers, the sight of blood, and raw onions.

Want to know more or have a question?  Head on over to my contact page!

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