Throwing off the bowline

The third time is supposed to be the charm, right?  Then it occurred to me, where did that phrase originate?


Oh.  Wonder where Shakespeare stole it from?

Anyway, thought I’d have a go again at this whole blog enterprise.  I do need somewhere to display my photos instead of them languishing on my external hard drive.  And I am sure my mates tire of hearing about the time I was roofied in London or when we almost missed our flight in Rome.  Or when my mobile was stolen at Hong Kong Disneyland or when I partied with models in South Africa.

I have stepped up my travel game in the past six years and intend on visiting as many countries as possible.  The current count by myself is 46 sovereign nations across six continents.  I hope you’ll join me on this meager offering of a blog as I attempt to bring humour and levity to the world of self-travel.


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